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2 Underwater Events

1. The Obstacle Course tests high-speed maneuverability and requires your SeaPerch to navigate the course as quickly as possible. The SeaPerch operator must develop the skill to turn and adjust the vertical position (dive or ascend) while driving in full or near full speed and must also be able to quickly reverse the SeaPerch to make corrections if it is off course. Please note: there is no guarantee of the position of the obstacle course hoops at competitions, so operators should not try to memorize actions such as in playing a video game but should instead practice a variety of general high-speed maneuvers.


2. The Mission Course incorporates a mission that teams must complete with their SeaPerch related to a particular real-world application. Mission courses test various skills including ability to lift, move, manuever, and develop innovative solutions to a technical challenge

NJ Seaperch will be following Nationals competition and as more information becomes available it will be posted here


NJ will have High School and Middle School Competitions at the Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner Levels with 1st and 2nd place awards at all levels to give more teams a chance to be recognized. Top team in the Advanced Level will move on to Nationals. We will not be separating Stock and Open Class this year for awards

For this year only PCTI Passaic County Technical Institute will be holding a pre-regional event at their high school 

This is a friendly meet-try-practice-and-improve-before-the Regionals-at-Rowan event on MARCH 21st, 2020, at PCTI Athletic Center Pool

Registration is now open


NJ Seaperch 2020
Apr 04, 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Rowan University,
201 Mullica Hill Rd, Glassboro, NJ 08028, USA

Pre-Regionals at PCTI


Rules & Guidelines



TIME                            EVENTS

8-10am        Registration and Compliance (Middle School Teams)

8:40am                                                             Opening Ceremony

12:00pm           Registration and Compliance (High School Teams)

9:10am-5:30pm                                                            Competition

2:30pm                                       Middle School Awards Ceremony

5:30pm                                          High School Awards Ceremony

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